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Product Name: Eye and Lip Crème - All Skin Types

Avg Rating: View Ratings (3 ratings)
Eye & Lip Crème - All Skin Types      Limited Selection
Starting at $5.99
Eye & Lip Crème for all skin types
Eye and Lip crème is blended with our all natural base to moisturize delicate tissues around eyes and lips, where signs of aging often begin. Looser in formulation than our face crème, it is quickly absorbed into delicate skin, moisturizing, enriching, and providing more "glow". A tiny dot on each eyelid and lip; gently smooth in once or twice daily. Beneficial as a preventative and as a restorative treatment. Sample size is 3gm (enough for several applications), full size is 7gm.

Product Name: Face Crème - Mature/Dry Skin

Avg Rating: View Ratings (2 ratings)
Face Crème - Mature/Dry Formula      Limited Selection
Starting at $5.35
Mature Formula Face Crème
Mature formula face crème, all natural base, with our prorietary essential oil blend including carrot and frankincense, along with olive oil, marine collagen to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles and restore elasticity for a more youthful appearance. Perfect for day and night use. Carrot seed essential oil has a warming effect on the skin -- do not apply too thickly or too often. Morning and/or night, absorbed into your skin is plenty -- this crème goes a long way. Sample size is 3gm (enough for a few applications), Full size is 10gm.

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