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Using all natural ingredients and 100% Essential Oils to keep your family and your home clean and comfortable.

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Many products on the market today claim to be 'natural', 'vegetable based', 'wholesome', 'gentle'. But what makes a product natural? 'Natural' to most people means being able to pronounce all the ingredients and not needing a chemistry textbook to understand them. Synthetic ingredients usually cost much less than natural ingredients. To the multinational corporations, claims of 'natural' is just another marketing ploy. Look at the supermarket shelves and you will see the multitude of 'natural' and 'wholesome' claims. See an example of 'natural, wholesome', 'pure vegetable based' marketing language. That sounds like a nice product. But then see the actual ingredients of that product. It doesn't seem very natural to me! Some companies will include a trace of a truly natural ingredient in a product primarily made with synthetic ingredients, then claim the resulting product is 'natural'. Just because a product contains a tiny, tiny amount of an actual natural ingredient, does that make it a 'natural' or 'wholesome' product?

Natural Wonder Living products are made only with truly natural ingredients, safe, non-toxic, readily biodegradable, often certified organic, and as close to their original form as possible. Our products are free of artificial colors (botanical and mineral colorants are used, if we add any color at all). We use no artificial or synthetic fragrances, no 'fragrance oils' (we use therapeutic grade Essential Oils for fragrance and effect); no artificial preservatives (we use rosemary oil extract, natural vitamin E, vitamin C, potassium sorbate) - never any EDTA, triclosan, ureas, formaldehydes, parabens...; no isopropyl alcohol, propylene glycol, petroleum by-products... We use recylable containers & labeling, and minimal packaging. We have natural skin care products, natural home care products, and natural aromatherapy candles for you. Continue reading or choose an item from the left.

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