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Using all natural ingredients and 100% Essential Oils to keep your family and your home clean and comfortable.

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Are you tired of breathing chemicals in your own home? You can clean your home and family using non-toxic, non-synthetic, natural products. We produce natural skin care products, natural home cleaning products, natural air fresheners and disinfectants, soy and other vegetable wax candles, scented only with essential oils. Natural Wonder Living manufactures and sells personal care products, aromatherapy candles and scents, and home cleaning products created using only ingredients found in nature, not ingredients found in a chemical laboratory. Pure plant essential oils and resins (when possible, certified organically grown), vegetable oils and vegetable glycerine, marine collagen, sea salts, and earth minerals. These are our ingredients, not side-note "also contains..." We use only therapeutic grade essential oils. For those EOs that come from multiple pressings and grades, such as Ylang Ylang, we use only Extra or I; we do not use grades II or III.

Natural Wonder Living does not use artificial fragrance, parabens, animal fats, petroleum by-products, or any ingredient that I can't pronounce in our products. We use 100% pure essential oils, cold pressed or steam distilled from Mother Nature's creations. We use only pure palm, coconut, jojoba, soybean, grape seed and other plant oils, butters, and waxes. We do not add starch thickeners to our products. No animal testing is done on our products or the ingredients in our products. We use recyclable (and sometimes recycled) containers and labels, and minimal packaging. When possible, our cleaning products are sold "condensed", so you can add your own distilled water or vinegar to your own spray bottle, and save on shipping costs. (Be sure to follow the dilution instructions provided with each cleaning concentrate -- a little goes a long way.)

There's a huge difference between essential oils and fragrance oils. A therapeutic grade essential oil carries the distinctive scent, essence, and therapeutic properties of the plant from which it is derived. Fragrance oils are blended synthetic aroma compounds. Some people feel synthetic fragrance oils are much less desirable than plant-derived essential oils. Of course, petrochemical by-products and synthetic aromas (often being waste products in search of a market) are cheaper to produce than therapeutic grade essential oils. We use only therapeutic grade essential oils in our products, never "fragrance oils".

Essential oils have therapeutic benefits rivaling those of the biggest commerical anti-depressants and pain relievers. Essential oils have natural astringent, toning, and wrinkle reducing properties to benefit your skin. Essential oils have natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties rivaling those of the big names in commerical chemical cleaners (the ones that have helped produce the "super-bugs" we're finding daily). And, our products not only smell good, they're good for the environment -- renewable resource, completely bio-degradable, safe for use around children and pets -- and all natural.

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"It is our collective and individual preserve and tend to the environment in which we all live." -- Dalai Lama

"We cannot solve the problems that we have created with the same thinking that created them." -- Albert Einstein

"Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right." -- Henry Ford

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